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2017 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Kramerica Gives Scholarship winners:

Carlos Villalpando

  • Will be attending Colorado State University and major in Zoology.
  • Wants to make his mother proud and inspire his family members by being the first in his family to go to college.

“I have been very stressed about paying for college and this is such a big boost for me. Thank you so much.”

Yaquelin Avitia

  • Will attend Colorado State University and double major in Biology and Philosophy.
  • Is excited to learn all that she can in college to better herself but to also empower and help as many people as she can.

“Thank you so much for helping me start my journey towards obtaining a successful future, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

Tallahj Curry

  • Will attend Metro State University and major in Creative Writing.
  • Has always loved books and writing and is excited to pursue her dream of becoming a publisher.

“I sincerely appreciate this scholarship and it will help me immensely. Thank you.”

Redait Zemede

  • Will attend Colorado University Boulder and major in Physiology.
  • Loves the medical field and is looking forward to bringing precious lives into this world and making a big impact on people and their families.

“This will be a life long dream come true. Thank you so much.”

Jordana Lara

  • Will attend Colorado University Boulder and major in Biology.
  • Wants to pursue a degree in the medical field to be able to help her community and one day setup her own non-profit to provide scholarships to those who need it.

“Thank you so much for making an investment in my future and for believing in me.”

Jackie Balderrama

  • Will be attending University of Denver and major in Criminology and Psychology.
  • Will be the first in her family to go to college and cannot wait to learn and experience as much as she can.

“Receiving this scholarship has lightened my financial worries and has made my family and I more hopeful and excited about the future.”

Isaiah Rael

  • Will attend Community College of Denver and major in Forestry.
  • Has always loved the outdoors and is excited about moving towards having a career that he is passionate about.

“Thank you for providing me a scholarship and believing in my future.”

Hillari DeLeon

  • Will attend Metro State University and will major in Biology and minor in Business
  • She has always dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian and is determined to get her degree and fulfill that dream.

“I can’t tell you how much this scholarship means to me and I’m so excited to go to college. Thank you so much.”

Catherine Mendez

  • Will attend Metro State University and major in Social Work.
  • She has always been passionate about helping others and is very excited to pursue a career where her work can have a big impact on others.

“I am so grateful for this scholarship and my family and I are literally jumping with excitement.”

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