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To provide students with leadership and opportunities to empower them to live up to their full potential.


Helping students prepare for a successful life after high school through community service, financial education, mentorship, and fun.

The Kramerica Gives Student Leadership Program, with 20 students representing various schools throughout the Denver area, has four main pillars: Leadership, Mentorship, Community Involvement, and Scholarships.


Through a variety of hands-on and engaging experiences, including team building exercises, hosting guest speakers, public speaking, leading activities, and engaging in discussion and social action, students are encouraged to break
out of their comfort zones. Leadership programming fosters self-confidence and a positive view of the future.


Each Kramerica Gives student is assigned an adult mentor throughout the program. Mentors provide feedback and support through conversations about college and other post-high school options, careers, cultural issues, and personal

Community Involvement

Student leaders have the opportunity to volunteer with a variety of organizations in the Denver area. They are also encouraged to support fundraisers, practice speaking in front of large groups, shadow a volunteer for career exploration, and serve as ambassadors for Kramerica Gives in their communities.


Students who meet all program requirements will be awarded a scholarship, which can be used for college or another post-secondary goal.